JA Ghana holds Achieve Program Second Cycle Teacher Training

JA Ghana and PTI continue to repose their trust and confidence in the capabilities of young people as the next crop of capable future leaders and as such invest heavily in their personal development and capacity-building. The Achieve Program is a  ‘beyond the curriculum’ intervention birthed from the partnership of JA Ghana and PTI intended to stimulate the neural faculty and behavioural dispositions of young people towards their academics, interpersonal relationships and general life outlook. The first cycle of the Achieve Program implementation was wrapped up successfully with the enrolment of five schools within the Accra Metropolis, in the first half of the year.

The second cycle of the program took off with a 2-day training program from June 30-July 1, 2021, for over 25 teachers and coordinators representing the expansion of the program to absorb five additional schools, progressively and directly impacting over 125 more students. The teachers and coordinators, together with the JA Ghana team, convened at AH Hotel, East Legon for the training.

During the training, teachers underwent series of sessions and roleplays in Communication, Reliability, Managing Feelings, Building Confidence, etc to enable them deliver the program within the right context to pupils. At the end of the program, teachers were excited to commence the roll out of the second cycle in their respective schools, commending the intervention of JA Ghana and PTI to ensure that young people are adequately equipped, inspired and prepared to succeed in life.

Achieve, Impact! Achieve, Yes we can! Achieve, Power to change!

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