JA Ghana Takes Cha-Ching to Under-served Communities

A quick peek across the globe highlights the ravages of the novel Covid-19 pandemic. In Ghana, school children have been out of the classroom, for months on end, and this has adversely affected them. JA Ghana has partnered with Prudential Life Insurance Ghana and United Way Ghana for Covid-19 community relief efforts to alleviate the socio-economic impact of the pandemic on vulnerable children and households as part of initiatives of Day of Caring, 2020.

Recognizing the disproportionate effect of the pandemic on families in deprived communities, the initiative included an exciting financial literacy lessons for primary school learners through the Cha-Ching program, as well as the distribution of food items and other personal hygiene kits for children at Pig Farm in Accra and Ayeduase in Kumasi.

Exciting learning sessions on managing money the Cha-Ching way, and observing Covid-19 protocols were held in these underserved communities, on Saturday 31st October 2020. This inclusive response had all children and students present engaged in hands-on activities on earning, saving, spending and donating money. Through differentiated learning styles, students developed a better understanding of the relationship and practical concepts about the use of money.

“I am so excited today that I can learn something new about money even when I cannot go to school”.

Amina, a participant at Pig Farm, Accra

This Covid-19 Response Initiative saw over 100 children throng the venues with excitement and smiles, ready to have fun learning, and take home with them some souvenirs as well.

 “This learning moment comes timely especially as kids have been out of school for such a long period, and need some refreshing dose of new concepts and hope“.

Abeiku Greene, Executive Director – JA Ghana

Let’s Kahoot it; Cha-Ching Kids Online

Despite the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic poses, it presents a unique opportunity to rethink the need for accessible and inclusive financial literacy education. In providing support and leveraging the opportunity to make learning more inclusive for children in different parts of the country, JA Ghana remodeled and gamified the Cha-Ching Curriculum. The gamified version simplified the teaching of basic money management skills, which will go a long way to hone and impact their personal finance habits in the future.

The first of its kind in Ghana, this financial literacy program has become as a timely intervention to keep primary school children engaged while schools are still closed. Using the Kahoot gamification platform, the Cha-Ching Kids Online as an adaptation of the program is structured into two 30-minute sessions.

These interactive learning experience includes guide for conversations with parents around money, enabling students to recognize the significance and choices of money management. In all, over 150 students in stages 3, 4 and 5 from various parts of the country benefited from the pilot program.

Students from some underserved schools in Volta and Northern regions were supported with data bundles to participate as well.

To cap off the exciting sessions, top 5 students with the highest scores in each level (stages 3-5) competed in a virtual Money Bee Quiz on Saturday 20th December 2020 to win some amazing cash prizes.

In each of the 3 levels, the competition initially ended with a tie; and it was indeed a sight to behold as all students flexed their “Cha-Ching muscles” in a bid to snatch top position.