Delta Innovation Camp for Girls: Solving Tomorrow’s Challenges Today!

On 28th November, 2023, JA Ghana, with sponsorship from Delta Airlines, hosted a Delta Innovation camp at the Association International School (AIS) in Accra, Ghana. The program welcomed 102 students, all girls, from six different Senior High Schools in Ghana, including Alpha Beta Senior High School, Aburi Girls Senior High School, Presbyterian Secondary Technical School, O’Reilly Senior High School, Legacy Girls Senior High School, and St. John’s Grammar.

As part of an effort to cultivate creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills in young girls, a one-day entrepreneurial simulation program, the Delta Innovation Camp was organized. The program tasked participants with proposing solutions to real-world business challenges. To provide insight into the airline industry, a representative from Delta was present throughout the day to support the team from JA Ghana.

During the camp, students engaged in an interactive session on innovation and design thinking. The session was led by Makafui John Bedzra, a resource person from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology KNUST. Through case studies and interactive exercises, the students were challenged to think creatively and innovatively. They learned to approach problems from different angles, consider various possible solutions, and work efficiently within teams.

Subsequent to the workshop, the students were divided into teams of fifteen with one students from each school forming a group, and presented with real business challenges faced by Delta Air Lines on how they can improve Airline customer experience to make it more inclusive with focused areas of booking and purchase, airport experience and onboarding experience. With guidance from the coaches the teams worked cooperatively to develop innovative solutions to the challenges. Each team had their turn to pitch their solutions to a panel of judges.

After careful consideration by the judges, it was announced that Team 11, who worked on the problem of booking and purchase, had won the challenge. The second place was awarded to Team 6, who tackled the Onboarding Experience. The final team, Team 10, which dealt with the problem of Airport Experience, was also recognized and applauded for securing the third position.