Global Money Week 2023

GMW 2023

In commemoration of Global Money Week 2023, JA Ghana organized a series of events to foster financial literacy among young individuals.

The events include a Teen Talk on Financial Literacy with JHS students at the Dansoman Cluster of Schools and an Essay Competition which will precede a Financial Literacy Debate Competition for Senior High Schools in April.

Through this collaboration, high school students were given the opportunity to express their views on various financial matters, including the Government of Ghana’s domestic debt exchange program, which has been a major concern in the country. The following are excerpts of the voices and sentiments of high school students on the subject. 

The Domestic Debt Exchange Program (DDEP) is an initiative by the government of Ghana to restructure its domestic debt by exchanging existing bonds with new bonds of longer maturity.

The insights shared by the students highlight the importance of financial literacy and education, as well as the potential benefits and risks associated with the Government of Ghana’s domestic debt exchange program. It is important for the government to manage these risks effectively to ensure sustainable economic growth and development for the country.

Read the full essays of the students below.

St. John's Grammer
St. Mary's
St. Thomas Acquainas
O'Reilly SHS
Alpha Beta School
Achimota School
Accra Academy