Cha-Ching Curriculum™

In Ghana, only one-third of all households own savings accounts (Ghana Statistical Service, 2010) and while most youth are known to regularly set money aside, they tend to use this money for short-term consumptive purposes (Youth Save, 2012). The low savings culture shows the importance of engaging with all levels of society and particularly primary-aged students to develop a sound understanding of the importance of financial literacy and making ‘money-smart’ choices.

CHA-CHING is a hands-on, student-centered financial literacy program targeting primary 4 students. The program is fully funded by Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, with the aim to improve low levels of youth financial literacy and to reach a wide range of young people, including those who have had fewer opportunities than others to learn about the financial world outside of school.

CHA-CHING runs for one hour each week, for 6 weeks. It helps students to learn the key money concepts of Earn, Save, Spend and Donate using activity workbooks, board games and music videos in the classroom. Students acquire critical and essential financial concepts to make wise money management decisions while utilizing the different platforms CHA-CHING offers to consolidate and enhance learning.

JA Ghana and Prudential Volunteers facilitate the sessions, sharing how their day-to- day habits and work tie into being money smart and generally serve as mentors to the students.