Job Shadow

Young people are drawn to careers that they are familiar with or that their parents prefer: doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, police officers, whereas some of the best careers in their communities are ‘unseen’. Job Shadow gives students “a-day- at-the- office” experience by pairing high school students with professionals in the local business community.

Through job shadows, students acquire and apply skills needed in demanding and ever-changing workplaces. They are also able to recognize career clusters and potential job positions; understand the importance of researching the requirements needed to earn a position; and develop job-hunting tools such as networking, preparing resumes, and interviewing skills.

The program is made up of classroom sessions and the day-long visit to the host company. Staff of the host companies provide mentorship, role modeling, career guidance and interpersonal skills development, aimed at building the futures of young people. It will enable students to begin to envision their lives as professionals so they can make informed decisions about their career paths. Additionally, Job Shadows position students to think about and explore possible futures in those industries.