JA Digital Entrepreneurship Education Program (JA DEEP)

JA DEEP is an online-based interactive entrepreneurship curriculum, that allows learners the opportunity to experience the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship by walking them through how to start and operate a business that fills a need or solves a problem in their community.

The target audience is students in high schools or tertiary institutions. Learners put theory into practice, from idea generation to product development, marketing and sales strategies, and financial reports. They are supported with digital or in-person mentorship from a JA corporate volunteer. Learners can complete all modules at their own pace but can expect to have an average of 8 contact hours with the content. Learners who complete the JA DEEP Program will receive a printable e-certificate and be eligible to access a variety of benefits and incentives as JA alumni. These include the opportunity to win a scholarship to complete the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) exams for free or at a discount and mentorship or apprenticeship sessions with top corporate professionals or entrepreneurs.