Innovation Camp

Innovation Camp is a one-day camp that offers an experiential learning environment for students based on real-life business situations. An Innovation Camp provides participants the opportunity to develop their interpersonal skills and learn to work under tight deadlines, as they would in real work environments. It creates opportunities for students to interact through a challenge in a competitive environment, fostering public speaking, team building, problem-solving, and other soft skills. 

During the camp, students form groups to collaboratively address specific business challenges using design thinking principles and developing innovative solutions.

Program Goals

  •   Participants will acquire job-ready skills in high-growth, high-demand career fields.
  •   Team building and collaboration. The camp provides opportunities for students to collaborate and work effectively in teams.
  •   Design thinking and innovation: The camp introduces students to design thinking principles, which encourage a human-centered approach to problem-solving. Participants learn to identify and understand user needs, generate creative ideas, prototype solutions, and iterate based on feedback.
  •   Experiential learning. The program aims to provide students with a hands-on, immersive learning experience where they can apply their knowledge and skills in a real-life business context.