WhyMe? Personal Branding Toolkit

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WhyMe? Is The New Personal Brand Development Toolkit From Brand Experts Housebrands. It Guides You Through The 4 Steps Needed To Create Your Personal Brand Definition, Explaining Exactly What You Need To Do And When, Providing Detailed, Clear Instructions, Tips, And Examples.


WhyMe? is the new personal brand development training program from brand experts Housebrands. it guides you through the 4 steps needed to create your personal brand definition, explaining exactly what you need to do and when, providing detailed, clear instructions, tips, and examples.

of course, you could create your own program by searching the web, reading many books and articles, and attending many different webinars and personal brand training sessions but the joy of WhyMe? is that all the hard work has been done for you. you simply need to follow the instructions and add your own personal data when asked.

  • no experience required
  • can be completed in as little as one weekend
  • based on 4 interactive self-completion worksheets
  • fully comprehensive instructions
  • packed with tips, examples, and guidance notes throughout
  • you set your own pace
  • 24/7 online access
  • jargon-free, written in plain English


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