Welcome To WhyMe? – Your Personal Branding Partner For Career Success!

WhyMe? is the new personal brand development toolkit from brand experts Housebrands. It guides you through the 4 steps needed to create your personal brand definition, explaining exactly what you need to do and when, providing detailed, clear instructions, tips, and examples.

Of course, you could create your own program by searching the web, reading many books and articles, and attending many different webinars and personal brand training sessions but the joy of WhyMe? is that all the hard work has been done for you. You simply need to follow the instructions and add your own personal data when asked.

  • No experience required
  • Can be completed in as little as one weekend
  • Based on 4 interactive self-completion worksheets
  • Fully comprehensive instructions
  • Packed with tips, examples and guidance notes throughout
  • You set your own pace
  • 24/7 online access
  • Jargon-free, written in plain English

Who Needs It?

WhyMe? is useful for anyone in work or looking for a job including:

  • New graduates looking for their first job
  • Undergraduates exploring what they might do next
  • Young employees looking to make that important next move
  • Employees who want to give their career a boost
  • Causalities of the economic climate who are looking to get back into work
  • Mid-career – those who want to change direction or simply find that new challenge
  • The highly experienced – looking for non-exec positions, trusteeships etc
  • Those who have previously struggled to find the job paths they want
  • Freelancers looking to grow their opportunities
  • People getting back into work after a break, for whatever reason

Don’t let another day go by without building the personal brand that makes you stand out! Get ahead and stay ahead!

What benefits will it deliver?

As the only fully comprehensive, online DIY personal brand development toolkit available it will help you create a winning articulation of what makes you unique bringing a range of benefits. It will ensure that you:

Take a strategic approach to your career, minimizing the influence of pure chance

Stand out and get noticed in the right way

Create a positive profile across your social media

Build an appealing and consistent public persona

Shortcut the route to your desired career goals

Are confident – able to articulate what makes you special in an appealing, professional manner

Pricing Plans

Introductory workshop + whyMe? is available at:

GHC 100.00 Month

Licensed for one month (24/7 Access)


"A great tool for anyone to use to evaluate their personal brand and what they stand for. The toolkit takes you through a process one step at a time that you can complete at your own pace. Highly recommended!"

Alex Robinson
Account Director, ANTZ


Upon Signing Up, You Will Qualify For A Workshop Session Led By Our Expert Facilitators, Who Will Guide You Through The Process Of Creating A Winning Personal Brand And Provide Valuable Insights And Tips For Leveraging It To Achieve Your Career Goals.

The Program, However, Has Been Devised To Help Anybody Who Wants To Develop Their Personal Brand, No Matter How Much Or How Little Experience They Have In The World Of Brands. Even Those Who Work With Well-Known Brands Will Benefit From Following The Program, As It Sets Out Exactly How To Create A Winning Personal Brand. Whilst There May Be Some Overlap With Commercial Brands, This Program Guides Users Through The Steps Ensuring That They Focus On The Important Factors At The Right Stage. WhyMe? Is An Efficient And Convenient Approach Even For The Highly Experienced, As The Ready-Made Program Lays Out The Steps You Need To Follow In A Logical Manner, So All You Need To Concentrate On Is Your Own Information.

As The Program Comes Complete With Full Instructions And Guidance Notes Explaining What You Need To Do And How You Should Do It Using Concrete Examples, It Is Perfect For The Complete Novice. WhyMe? Has Been Specifically Designed To Take The Hassle Out Of Creating Your Own Personal Brand. All You Need To Do Is Follow The Instructions To Fill In Your Unique Experience And Skills When Asked. We Want Everyone Who Buys WhyMe? To Be Utterly Comfortable With The Program.

Don’t Worry! That’s The Whole Point About WhyMe? – Not Everyone Is An ‘Academic’, But That Shouldn’t Hold Anyone Back. Use WhyMe? To Build Your Story: Your Values, Your Talents, Your Strengths. There Are Many Examples Of People Who Have Reached The Top Without Formal Qualifications.

Personal Brands Are Growing In Popularity So There Is No Time Like The Present To Create Yours. You Want To Be Ahead Of The Curve Not Behind It, Playing Catch Up. You Could Complete The Program In As Little As A Weekend After Participating In The Workshop.

It's Very Easy To Buy Something And Then Leave It Sitting On The Shelf Gathering Dust, But That Won’t Help You Move Your Career On. That’s Why We Have Built A Finite Time Into Our License Agreements – We Want You To Create Your Personal Brand As Quickly As Possible So That It Can Start Working For You Straight Away.

All Your Worksheets Can Be Saved In A Format Of Your Choosing So That You Can Refer To Them Whenever You Need.

You Can Save And Print Your Worksheets Whenever You Choose.

Step 4 In The Program Encourages You To Review Your Draft Definition Before Finalizing It – This Is Good Practice And Ensures You Get The Best Possible Version Of Your Personal Brand Definition. Once You Have Finalized It, You Can Of Course Change It And Over Time You Will Want To As Your Career And Life Evolve.

It Is Important To Create The Best Version You Can But It Is Also Important That You Set Your Personal Brand To Work. Nothing In Life Is Perfect, So You Will Need To Say That Is Good Enough And Set Your Brand To Work As That Is How You Will Achieve The Results You Need. We Recommend That Once You Have Got To A Stage Where You Are Happy, You Finalize Your Brand Definition And Then Leave It Alone For A Couple Of Years Or To A Point Where Your Circumstances Have Changed, Whichever Comes Sooner.